Monday, February 16, 2009

First Donation Package

I thought I'd share the first package that I sent out for the Mattaponi tribe, because what I was originally planning on sending isn't what actually went out. Why? Because I'm a moron. One of the two baby sweaters I was planning on sending had actually been sold on me...months ago. Yeah, who knew? Obviously not me!

So I quickly pulled the Orange Crush scarflette and fingerless gloves from my Etsy shop that hadn't sold and added it to the donation pile. I also added a black men's hat that I knit for something else, but came out a little too big. The last item added was a teeny baby hat I made when I first started knitting. I had given it to Camela before her baby was born in the case that he was born a she. But alas, he was born, and the hat was given back.

Shelley donated a whole bunch of, not those kind. Things like aspirin and tylenol were on the list of needs by the local clinic.

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