Monday, October 20, 2008


Despite being in an apartment for a temporary amount of time, I've decided that I can't not decorate (yes, I'm going for the double negative). As I mentioned in my last post about this, I was questioning whether or not it was worth the money. But the more I stare at blank walls and huge windows with dull white horizontal blinds, I decided it was worth my sanity to put a little bit of money toward it. Especially when winter hits and I see the inside of the walls all the time. Plus, I can always bring use these things in our next home.

With all of that said, no actual decorating has taken place. However, I have bought things so that I can start. First, curtains. On second thought, actually, first I should start by saying I didn't go in the direction I had originally planned. I wanted blue and brown with hints of red/orange. I still am going with those colors, but the emphasis on which colors are dominant has changed a bit.

OK, back to curtains. I found some from Better Homes and Garden at my not so favorite store, Walmart. The pic kind of sucks, but they are embroidered with red, blue, green and orange flowers. Very pretty up close.

I then moved onto pillows. On Etsy, I found some beautiful Amy Butler fabrics from material girl shoppe. Once it arrives, I'm going to start making pillows for the couch.

Going in this route means I can use many of the other decorations that are already own, such as lamps and lampshades. Once I get the room decorated, I'll take pics and post.

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Robyn said...

oh I can't wait to see what you do! Orange and brown are two of my favorite colors and I am LOVING the third Amy Butler fabric you have posted.

Ria said...

I'm always for trying to spruce up a place no matter how temporary. especially if you can make things versatile enough that you can take them with you. I have painted every apartment I ever lived in. I figure it's easy enough to paint white one coat primer over the walls when I leave. which also allowed me to put stuff on the walls 'cause I just filled the nail holes before I painted over them. After all it is you home!

Carrie said...

I just got my fabric I can't wait to get sewing!