Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Living Room Decor

Here's my dilemma. I told you we sold our condo and are now living in an apartment. We couldn't find a house in time, so the apartment is a one-year (or possibly less) temporary thing. While I don't want to go nuts decorating or anything, I still want to be comfortable where I live and make it feel homey. At this point, I don't know how much is too much for a short-term space. We have blinds, but the place feels bare without curtains, especially since we have 10-foot ceilings. We're also finding that being on the first floor is an invasion of privacy, so curtains will help in that respect, too. So I think curtains are a must (but, dang I've got huge windows now to cover). If I put up new curtains, I think I want to go in a new color direction, which means a few new throw pillows and lamp shades, most of which I can make myself. Sounds like this could spiral out of control, but I'm going to do my best to keep my decorating to a minimum. Here's the direction I'm thinking for my space:
The couch is mine (ignore the burgundy stuff on the couch. I was too lazy to Photoshop the whole thing). The buffet is also mine (well, close to it). We use it for our TV. The big mural thingy is a decal from Etsy. Pretty cool...temporary, and easily movable. The pillow fabric is Amy Butler's August Fields. The curtains are from Target. I used red as an accent color, because I have a lot of red stuff from our old place to use in the kitchen and dining room, which is right next to the Living Room. Since the three rooms really are almost like one big room, I need something that works together.

That's it. I'm open to critiques and suggestions!

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