Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ravelry and RAK Pattern Testing

I can't believe in all these months of posting that I've never talked about Ravelry. According to the site, Ravelry is a community for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration.

I love this site because I can have one central place for all my knitting stuff--patterns, pictures of things I've knitted, and a place to get inspiration for new projects. I also love the groups you can join, which are like smaller communities within a big community. I have a number of groups that I belong to, but my faves are Knitters for Obama and RAK. The first group is obvious what it's about. The second stands for Random Acts of Kindness. This group is all about doing nice things for one another. If you read the comments on my site, you may see lots of RAKers stopping by. That's because we get to create wish lists, and on mine was for people to visit my blog and make comments. (Thanks to all the RAKs who've visited!)

nother RAKer was looking for pattern testers. She's going to be selling patterns to help cover the medical costs for her husband. I was more than happy to help out, so I contacted her to volunteer. She's going to be selling tea cozy patterns that are holiday themed. I volunteered to do the Halloween pattern, since it's one of my favorite holidays. The pattern turned out great, and was very well written. But even better was the joy that came from doing something nice for someone else. Try it and you'll see!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. :) That pumpkin is so cute. What was that Raveler's name? I'm not sure if I missed her wish list or if I haven't looked at it yet (there are a ton). I'd love to test knit some small patterns, so if you point me in her direction, I'll drop her a line.

- jennielynn

Ria said...

That pumpkin is adorable!! Could you post the link for people to purchase the pattern?

Ria (tonyfan4ever on Ravelry

Daisy mum said...

Thank is so kind of you to knit that up for her. I think there are very nice people on Ravelry, you included.

Carrie said...

bnewn is her rav name, for those who want to help. She has more patterns that need testing.

Ria, Bea will be in touch with you through Ravelry. The pattern isn't for sale yet because it's still waiting approval. But you can buy direct from her.

Thanks, daisy mum! I'm just glad I can help her out. She's having a rough week!

Kay aka dkswife said...

that should be a cute pumpkin :)

It was nice of you to offer to test knit, but hey, it is a win-win, right :)

dkswife from rav blog train.

Robyn said...

I think it's so cool that you're doing that. I would love to test her patterns as well, but I don't knit. So, oddly, thank you on my behalf.