Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Feet

Since you were all kind enough to share your feet with me, I wanted to share mine with you. This is of me and my nephew at the park. I was climbing on this big dinosaur and he was standing underneath. We were celebrating his 5th birthday.

And here's a mosaic of most of the entries I received. Now you can tell me who you would've picked (it's not as easy as you'd think!).

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audreypawdrey said...

These are all fabulous! I agree that it would be hard to choose. I love the little girl sleeping and the feet on the edge of the porch with the cats.

Jennie said...
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Jennie said...

Such a cute picture of your nephew. Also, what a fun collage of feet. I'm going to have to watch your blog from now on, it might help inspire me to get back into my photography with your awesome pictures. :)

jennielynn @