Thursday, March 4, 2010

On My Sticks: Springtime Bandit

First, let me start out by saying that none of the following shawls and/or pictures belong to me. I swiped them from the good knitters of Ravelry to show you examples of what I'm currently knitting but have been too lazy to take pictures of. So, with that said, I'm working on a new lace shawl (this would be number 4 of my 10 in 2010) called "Springtime Bandit." I've knit the whole body of the shawl already and now have about 25 rows of border left to do. However, the last few nights I haven't had any interest in doing so. I'm hoping to find renewed knitting interest this weekend.

I'm using a color from KnitPicks called "Autumn." The above color is "Sherry," but it's quite close. The Autumn has a little more golden flecks in it.

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