Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Go Bears, Baby!

My friend and co-worker, Miss Cindy, is pregnant with her second baby. (Are you noticing a trend yet with my friends and family? All pregnant!) Her first child was a girl, and her second will be a boy. Cindy and her husband are huge Chicago Bears fans (like myself), and the other day, Cindy's husband had a minor freakout regarding hospital attire. You see, their son IS going to be a future Chicago Bear (they're 100% sure of it). In years time when Baby M is in the NFL and ESPN calls asking for pictures of him growing up, it would be absurd if his very first picture was in a generic hospital hat instead of in a Bears-inspired hat. I quickly remedied this situation with the following little knit. I hope it fits!

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Natalie said...

It seems like everyone is pregnant around me too. I didn't realize it was that cold of a winter... I love the hat :)

Carrie said...

LOL...yeah, I didn't thinks so either. Although, we did get quite a bit of snow up here. =)

Angie said...

DON'T DRINK THE WATER!! ;) That is assuming your not ready for a little one yourself! Cute hat!!