Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lolly's Secret Card Drive

LollyChops is hosting a Secret Card Drive for a friend of hers who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. You can get more details using the above link, but basically you just need to make (or buy) a card for Lolly's friend Crystal, so that Lolly can surprise Crystal each morning of her treatment with something pretty and positive. She has about three months worth of cards (and they're all so amazing!), but she could use about three months more. If you're interested, just let Lolly know you'd like the details by leaving her a comment with your contact info on her Secret Card Drive post.

Here's the card I made and sent.

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Angie said...

what a great idea.

LollyChops said...

You know how I feel about this card... that fella is my new boyfriend (I have not told Ron yet).

HUGS Carrie!