Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh, Mrs. O!

I'm a big fan of Mrs. Obama for both her charisma and her style. I'm obvioulsy not the first person to say it, but she really is our modern day Jackie O. Whenever I need a little dose of style, I head on over to the Mrs. O site, which documents the first lady's current styles, and where to get them. Recently, they've featured Carole Tanenbaum's Mrs. O-inspired 60s-era vintage flower pins collection. Upon seeing these gems, I was transported to my mom's bedroom and a plastic bin full of similar jewelry that she had either picked up at antique stores or had inherited from her mother. I rarely wear pins, but I'm pretty sure if I had these in my personal collection, I'd wear them all the time! Just another hint of spring.

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LollyChops said...

What fantastic pins! Each is more stunning than the other!

Aubre said...

I just bought some of these at an amazing vintage store in Columbus called Flower Child. They are kind of pricey though! I paid about $12 each. They look so much cooler in a cluster though.