Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Dexter!

I promise that I'll eventually get this blog back to being about crafts instead of my puppy, but for now, you'll have to endure my obsessiveness. For what it's worth, I did take a crafty approach to these pictures. I used a retro filter on them to create a different look. Eh....who am I kidding, this is still all about Mr. Dexter. =)

(Yes, he sleeps a lot!)

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LollyChops said...

I cannot even stand it. How do you manage to go to work each day? I would have to take a month off work just to soak him all in!

Give him some puppy squeezers from me.

Oh and I am totally cool with you posting nothing but Dexter pics forever.

Angie said...

Ok Your going to have to stop posting pictures of your adorable dog or I am going to be forced to buy one of my own!!! ;)

Angie said...

Do you see what I'm talking about!! There are Little Dexter's calling to me all over blog land!! ;)

Zina said...

He is soooo cute.