Friday, October 30, 2009

For My 5-Year Wedding Anniversary...

...might as well feature the anniversary gift on the blog. (Giving the people what they want!)

If only all of our back fat was this cute!

He looks fat here. Heavy D!

Trouble. =)

Love you, Shane! Thanks for 5 wonderful years... and a puppy!

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Shane said...

I Love you too and Dex!

How did something so cute and funny become so much work?

I'm talking about the pup of course. :)

Happy Anniversary~!

Angie said...

Good point!! If only our back fat WAS that cute!! Happy Anniversary! ;)

kattie said...

Yeah, my back fat isn't considered cute but Dexter's sure is. :0)
Happy Anniversary!

babalisme said...

Happy anniversary!! Oh, I had trouble spelling anniversary because I was greatly distracted by Dexter's backfat!! It's soooo adorable, I wish people find mine as adorable..sob.