Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Suzi!

OK, I lied a little. Even with a super cute puppy at home, I was able to get a bit of crafting done. My step-mom's birthday is today, and since I seem to be addicted to knitting lace, I wanted to make her a special shawl for her special day. I never seem to give myself enough time to make gifts, so this was a quick knit for me...about two weeks. I had to adapt the Eliina pattern to make up some time, but also save on yarn. I certainly didn't have as much as I thought I'd need. But now that I'm done and see the adapted size, I'm glad I didn't make it as big as it was supposed to be. It would've been a blanket!

And for those who are only coming for a puppy fix . . . =)

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Sara said...

Very pretty shawl! What yarn did you use? Love the puppy pic!

Angie said...

;) I do like the shawl too!

LollyChops said...

No post of yours is complete without the puppy fix. Ahhhh MUCH better.

The shawl is nice too. Honest.

Carrie said...

Sara, the yarn is another skein of the KnitPicks lace yarn that I got in my sampler pack.

And I can already see that this is quickly becoming "Dex's Ruffled Feathers." =)