Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why I'm Not Currently Crafting

In addition to hating mini-blinds, I also hate wallpaper. Well, the wallpaper in my bedroom anyway. See that below? That's a 3/4 wall of wallpaper topped with a wallpaper border. The wallpaper border goes all the way around my 18x14 room (yes, big room). There was also wallpaper in my bathroom--same style, one wall of paper with a full room of a border. The bathroom, while considerably smaller, took 55 minutes to take down. I was sure that was some sort of record, elevating me to Wallpaper Remover Master!

On that high, I decided to tackle the bedroom. And that's where my rank dropped to Nearly Novice. To do two walls of just a wallpaper border, it took 2.5 hours! This is some truly sticky stuff. Still, I've been forging ahead. Three days of stripping behind me and I think I have just one more night left.

Here's what was left after two days of stripping (I did more last night, but didn't take pictures). There is also a small piece of border left (about a yard long) on the other wall, but I need to move the TV to get to it. Tonight...the bedroom SHOULD be wallpaper free. God willing.

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Angie said...

Good luck! When we bought our home the previous owner had done the same thing- she even wallpapered the cabinets in the bathroom AND the kitchen ceiling!!! When I first brought family and friends to see the house we were trying to buy they thought I was INSANE!! But I saw the potential!! Can't wait to see what you do with the room!

Carrie said...

Holy moly...that's insane. I'm lucky that only three rooms had wallpaper, and all three only have on full wall of wallpaper. The rest are borders.

amy said...

Wow. You totally are doing the right thing! Just think of how nice it is going to be.

kattie said...

I agree, take the wallpaper down. It is tons of work but so worth it. When my sister bought her home my BIL and her had to take down eight rooms full of the stuff. It took 4 people about two whole days. Soooo worth it.