Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jimmy the Chipmunk

NOTE: I did not make this. I wish I had because it's adorable, but alas, it's not my handiwork.

Shane and I are getting settled into the new home and actually tore out the water feature/pond that was in our backyard over this past weekend. Hopefully I'll have pictures coming soon. The first "being" to greet us, is a little chipmunk that I've name Jimmy. He's a little skitzy but also kind of brave. I think we've freaked him out a few times just by working in the yard, but I'm hoping his little ticker can take it. I saw the following knit toy over on Fuzzy Thoughts this morning, and I couldn't help but think of lil' Jimmy. I hope he's enjoying the beautiful day in our backyard while I'm stuck in a cubicle for the long haul. I guess I'll need to start living vicariously through my little fuzzy new friend.

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1 comment:

babalisme said...

You're so talented I think you can make another friend for Jimmy too!