Friday, August 8, 2008

One Cool Craft Room

A good craft room is something I long for but just haven't had the room for yet. Heather Bailey, another great fabric designer has a beautiful space in which to work. Think of how wonderfully creative you could be in such a cool craft room. It's as is if your brain/imagination wouldn't even have to work. The room itself would sprinkle a magical fairy dust all over you that would just make everything you create brilliant. dream.

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carol said...

Holy hell, this room DOES rocketh!

And is that how it would work? I need one of those rooms too then! Will it keep out the horrible voices that say "you can't do anything might as well watch reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond"


Oops, that's a TMI feature I would install I think.....

(hi carrie!)

Carrie said...

hi carol!

We all have those voices...but they go away in rooms like this!