Friday, August 1, 2008

A New Beautiful Blog to Peruse

Ooh...take a look at Yummy Goods, a new beautiful blog I stumbled upon.The pictures she posts are gorgeous. And the bonus is that the blog author, Melissa Averinos, is also a fabric designer, which means more choices for me once I get settled in and can start sewing again. Ah...can't wait!

This one is for Therese who longs for a St. Francis in her garden.

I've been more and more drawn to photos looking down at feet lately. I've seen a lot that I love. Maybe I need a whole separate post just for those.

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1 comment:

Therese said...

Ha! I just saw this today! I was scrolling down the photos, got just past St. Francis' head, and said "Ooh! It's St. Francis!!" and lo and behold you put that there for me. :-) Thanks, Carrie! Someday I'll find one just small enough that I can sneak it in the garden without CHarlie noticing.