Saturday, June 21, 2008

Unofficial Challenge: Martha Stewart Craft Contest

All the craft challenges and reveals have gotten me antsy for more craft contests. Crafting burnout can happen easily, so I'm just posting this in case anyone is interested in entering. It's an inspiration contest on Here are the rules. So take this post as more of a crafty FYI vs. a full-on craft smackdown. As always, if you do enter, be sure to let me know, especially since you need votes to win! If I end up making something, you'll be sure to see a post about it.

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Sean said...

Something about crafts and smackdown just don't go together.

Margaret! Meet you at the park at sundown and bring your best crochet needles. I am going to lay the smackdown on your old wrinkly sagging white ass! Oh yeah! That just happened!

Carrie said...

You haven't seen us craft together. You just might have a change of heart when sharp knitting needles are in hand when good yarn goes on sale. =)