Friday, June 6, 2008

The Confusing Reveal

The big reveal lunch took place yesterday. Below are my two crafting pals: Shelley (left) and Jessica. I call it the "confusing reveal" because despite taking a lot of heat for being so confused about the challenge initially, I was the only one to make two crafts to actually swap. Hmm...maybe I wasn't as dim as the other two bulbs that day. (KIDDING, of course!!!!) :)

Actually, it really came down to 1.) this was our first time--mistakes our bound to happen, and 2.) we had no clue what we were doing. So, with that said, below are pics from the Neighborhood-themed Craft Challenge. I made bracelets using Shrinky Dinks, colored pencils and jump rings. Each "charm" has a different drawn picture: a bird, a lemonade sale sign, a house, a mailbox, a tree, and a bag of sugar (think borrowing a cup from your neighbor).

Shelley made the bird paintings. They were a three-in-one series, that I believe she was calling "There goes the neighborhood." They were made with ink and water (Shelley, correct me if I got that wrong).

Jessica made the multi-sided house. The roof lifts off and can be turned to showcase a different house front on each side. It was made from wood, paper, and metal.

I really thought it was great to see how each of us came up with something completely different and really creative. I'll be assigning the next craft challenge in the coming week. I think we've worked out all the kinks now, but we're going to give it another trial run or two before we start opening it up to the masses. (Be thankful for that! =)

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juicyknits said...
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juicyknits said...

You are really creatively inspiring! So cute. And as for the first time, it's great! I love the little house. Makes me want to go and find my dolls.
(Sorry for the delete - just had trouble with the spelling.)

Carrie said...

Oh...thanks so much! Yeah, Jess did a great job on that house. The pics don't do it justice!