Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Doll Craft Challenge

With the Mood Boards finished, Shelley, Jess and I are off and running with our next Craft Challenge. Shelley got to select this week's challenge, and the theme is Dolls. We each need to make one doll to be swapped on Monday, June 30. I think we'll probably just draw names to see who gets what doll. I had a couple of days off last week (which is when the challenge theme was actually selected), so my doll is ready to go. I wish I could show it now, but it must wait until after the reveal. For now, here are some cute dolls (and plushes) that I found on Etsy.

Biscuit Bunnies - Oatmeal Cream



Ritz the Baby Bluebird

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Happy Clown said...

Cute Dolls? Why aren't evil dolls getting equal representation?

Carrie said...

Very true. I did leave out an important genre. Maybe that deserves its own separate post. =)