Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm in the Mood for Mood Board Entries!

Today was the final day to enter mood boards for the Decor8/Amy Butler Mood Board Contest. Since this was such a fast turnaround, Shelley, Jessica, and I used this contest as our third craft challenge. Shelley and Jessica, given their design educations, jobs, and backgrounds, entered the contest as pros. I, being only an amateur crafter, entered as a non-pro. The entries are rolling in and you can check them out here. There are some very, very cool ones!

As for our three, I think they mostly speak for themselves. Shelley and I both did outdoor spaces, and Jessica did a cute girly room. If any of us get selected as finalists (and I'm hoping that at least one of us does!), I'll be sure to let everyone know as your votes will be needed.

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