Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Chronicle Iron-Ons!

Back in May, I won free iron-ons from Mike Perry's Chronicle Book Iron Me On. I received them a few weeks ago, but I didn't have anything to put them on. However, a quick trip to Goodwill solved that.

Here are the iron-ons I got. I received multiple copies of each, and then shared a copy of each with Jessica.

I bought a plain pink t-shirt for $3.

I cut out my iron-on piece. I thought this would be more like the 80's iron-ons I remember from when I was kid. You, know, the kind that could be picked and peeled off after a few washes. But instead, this was more of an ink transfer. It required a very hot iron, but worked really well.

I put the transfer on the bottom in case it didn't work out. I figured I could cut the bottom of the shirt off and try the transfer again somewhere else.

...But that won't be necessary. It turned out great. (Despite what my pics may show). It says "We are what we do." True.

Now I need more ideas on what else to iron these onto!

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