Monday, June 22, 2009

I Want to Watercolor!

I've never been big on painting, but I did win 2nd prize at the County Fair when I was 6 for a pair of watercolor butterflies that I painted. Still, despite my love (and obvious natural gift) for watercolor painting, it's not something I do. Then I was Stumbling through the Web and came across a watercolor tutorial that just screams, "Try me!" And I soon as I get my pictures out of storage and get moved into our house and get remodeling underway. So basically, it may be a while. In the meantime, enjoy what did. Way cool!

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cindy said...

these are so pretty! i am a little intimidated by painting in general, so i have never given watercolors a try...

and I like your blog! :)

Carrie said...


Yeah, I find painting intimidating, but I like this because it feels a little fool proof. So long as you lay the blocking material down correctly, the watercolor painting can be a big ol' mess. =)