Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miss Hannah's Birthday

My niece Hannah (the sneaky weasel) had her third birthday last week, and her party was this past weekend. In addition to giving the book, I made Hannah some fun gifts. And not only were they fun, but they were also fast and easy to make!

First up, a tutu. Doesn't every little (and sometimes big) girl need a tutu. As I've told people about the tutu I made, I've heard all kinds of cute tutu stories. My favorite one was from Judith, who said that she had made a tutu for her daughter when she was little. Every time they would go grocery shopping, she insisted on wearing her tutu over her snowsuit. I really think that would improve my attitude about grocery shopping in the winter. =) Have a tutu story? I'd love to hear it!

Want to make your own tutu? Here's a great tutorial.

Next up is the hippo and birdy shirt. I got the inspiration from something I saw on Etsy. I used fabric and fusible interfacing to attach the applique to the shirt, and then I handstitched around the outside.

And now I have extra fabric to do something fun with!

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Peanut Blossom said...

Oh my goodness, I Love that hippo!! I'm going to be trying my hand at applique for the first time in the next week or so when I can get myself organized. Any tips?

Carrie said...

Thanks! Applique is fun and very easy! The biggest suggestion I have is to use the paper that is given with the fusible interfacing to draw/trace your shape. I was thinking I could use any tracing paper, but then had my fabric and paper bonded together. D'oh!