Monday, June 1, 2009

Marie Angel, Come on Down!

A big hearty congratulations to Marie Angel! Of the nearly 350 entries, the selected #40 as the winner. Thanks to everyone for playing, sharing your craft pics, and for suggesting such great prizes! It was hard to pick which prize idea would be the best, so I decided on the "Your Wish Has Been Granted" prize. What does that mean? Basically, I would pick an item from something the entrant suggested and make that the prize. I'm grateful to Marie Angel because she offered lots of choices, and none of them were tropical vacation, mansions, or sports cars! Here's what Marie Angel said, "And for prize suggestions... bright colorful yarn, bamboo circular needles or crochet hooks, one of those cute yarn cutting gizmos that you can hang around your neck, sheep and angora goat toys."

I was intrigued by the cute yarn cutting gizmo, because as a knitter, I've never heard of this. I did a little Googling, and found some cute pendants, but it was in the Etsy shop Kelly Is Nice that I found a necklace that was simplybeautiful. So Miss Marie Angel, here's what you'll be receiving:

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Turtle said...

congrats to the lucky winner!

MarieAnge said...


Carrie, that is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Never mind the fact that it's a yarn cutting gizmo but as a necklace, it's beyond words how absolutely beautiful this is!!!

Thank you so much!

Angel :D

babalisme said...

Wow!! You did some researches for the prize??? You're too kind!!songrats to the winner!!