Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sweater Update: All Torso

With all the free time I had over the long weekend (oh, how I wish every weekend could be that way), I made a lot of progress knitting my sweater. In fact, the entire torso is complete. I now just need to do the arms.

Once I started the lace, I thought I was doing really well, but then I started watching TV at the same time and lost count too many times. D'oh! I had to pull back a few inches of lace a couple of times and eventually insert dummy markers (the equivalent to the idiot strings on the mittens I had as a kid). But as moronic as they were, they made the project go by quickly and with very few mistakes (luckily lace hides a lot!). I'm very happy with how this one first full adult sweater... is going. And with as hot as it is, I might have it in time for the first "sweater day" of the season!

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Thanks! I ordered it online, so it was a little different than I had expected, but I dig it.