Saturday, September 6, 2008

Animal Friendly Taxidermy

Come on, fess up. You've always wanted a deer head trophy to mount on your wall, but you've just never been one for hunting, I mean Bambi. Me neither! But now you don't have to! You can have all the benefits of a large animal hanging above your mantle, without all the fuss of blood and guts. Yay!

I kid...I kid (on wanting an animal carcass on my wall, not the hunting). But I do think these resin trophies are pretty dang cute. They're by Jennifer Khoshbin. Go to her site and check out her other art as well. Very cool stuff.

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T said...

These are great, Carrie. They'd be such a great replacement for the gigantic REAL moose head at C's brother's house in Door County. (I sent his brother the link.) The book projects by this artist were really cool, too. Thanks for sharing!

Kristen said...

So cool! I'm not one for dead things as decoration but these are so interesting and beautiful.