Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scarflette Close Up: Chocolate Covered Cherry

The Chocolate Covered Cherry Scarflette is one of the three scarves you can win in the Fall Scarflette Giveaway Contest. It was knit from two strands of a soft angora yarn, one in brown and one in a dark red. I used a seed stitch to edge the scarflette and a stockinette stich in the middle. I used a burgundy leather toggle button to finish the look.

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Jennifer Anderson Photography said...

WOW! You are sooo talented!
I love your amazing style and choice of colors!!
I'll be coming back often.

Kristin Cook said...

What a cute idea!! I might try and make these for my little girls :)

Carrie said...

Thanks Jennifer. That is flattery at its finest! Your work blows me away.

Carrie said...

You should, Kristin! It takes no time to knit, unlike a scarf which can feel like forever! =)

Bea said...