Monday, September 29, 2008

Drum Roll, Please . . .

First, thank you to everyone for playing along in my first ever contest. As I mentioned, I wanted to find a fun way to celebrate the season, but I never expected to get so many great stories and creative pictures. So thank you very much for making me smile! Everyone did a wonderful job! And while you are all winners in my eyes, I did say I would choose three people to have warmer necks. So without further ado (adieu?), the winners of the Fall Scarflette Giveaway Contest are . . .

Winner of the Arbor Lace Scarflette is Jennette! I loved how "sweet" this picture was with the juxtaposition of the dressy skirt and shoes next to sugary goodness. So pretty.

Winner of the Fireside Scarflette is Sharyn! Sharyn calls these boots "swampers" but I've always called them duck boots. Living in the midwest, I'm in boots for most of the year. And the mixture of the boots, a great rug, and pants that look wildly comfortable won me over.

Winner of Chocolate-Covered Cherry is Acute Lung Injury Journal Club...I mean, Andrea! =) I loved the composition of this photo where the summery shoes in the background are almost accidental. The blueberries, the grass, the denim capris, and the cute shoes speak volumes about the kind of summer day this was. Simply beautiful.

(Winners...please e-mail me your mailing addresses at carrie[at]

But wait...there are constellation prizes for everyone! Now through end of day October 19, I'm offering free shipping on everything in my Ruffled Feathers Etsy shop for U.S. residents or 20% off all items to those outside of the U.S. and friends to whom I can just drop off items. Just mention the Fall Scarflette Giveaway Contest (even if you didn't actually play) when ordering!

(EDIT: When paying, you can either subtract the shipping or 20% on your own, or wait for me to send you the amount to pay.)

See...everyone really is a winner! Thanks again for playing. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

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Sharyn said...

Oh yay!!!! (I was stalking - can you tell??) I think we only call them swampers in the very tip of upper Michigan. We also *pank* the snow there so we are quite guilty of creating our own vocabulary. LOL

thank you thank you!! I'm very very thrilled!!

off to email you

Andrea said...

Awesome! Thanks so much! I'm so thrilled. I won my very favorite one (although they're all lovely).

I'm now ready for cooler weather so I can start wearing the beautiful scarflette. I'll be waiting a while, though, as I'm on the Gulf Coast.

Jennette said...

Wow! Thank you! I'm thrilled to win what I'm pretty sure is my very first blog contest/giveaway ever. And now I am looking forward to scarfletted days!

tammiemarie said...

I love your idea of a photo contest! I love pics of people's feet - not in a fetish sort of way, though :) It's been a joke with my friends for awhile.