Monday, April 13, 2009

Remember That Lace?

So WAY back in February I told you I was working on some lace that would eventually become a top. Remember? (If not, go here.) What you see in the old pictures and what you see below are not the same pieces. Oh sure, they're the same pattern, same needles, and the same yarn, but they're not the same. Nope, no they're not. Know why? Because when you leave your knitting on the couch for weeks with no needle caps while you work on other projects, you subject you lace from falling off the needles. That's right--about 12 stitches fell off the needle. And with me being new to lace, I have no clue how to pick up all the dropped stitches and yarn overs. Hours of knitting (and yes, that only led to a few inches) gone...all gone.

But, I gained new focus (and a rubberband to stop slipage) and got back on the knitting horse. Below is where I'm at. Weeks it has taken me to get this far. And I have to make two of sleeves! I'll be lucky if I'm done with it by the end of summer. Oh saves me from buying more yarn to do new projects (or does it?)

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