Friday, April 24, 2009

Rum Stripe

Two days left, but I feel like I'm already on vacation! Today, I'm doing a career fair at a local middle school, so when I shut down my computer at work last night, it felt as if I was closing up shop.'s a good feeling. After the career fair, I'm having lunch with my work peeps, then I'm meeting Jess's friend (and now my friend) Shannon to help her with some knitting. After that it's off to a blissful one-hour pedicure. Ahhh...(again).

In the meantime, I'm knitting another tank top. It most likely won't be done in time for vacation, but since Jamaica is all that's on the brain, I'm naming this shirt Rum Stripe. "Rum Stripe" in honor of the Red Stripe beer I wish I could be able to drink on vacation if I weren't gluten-free, and the Jamaican rum I AM able to drink. Plus, I don't know, I look at the colors of this top and "Rum Stripe" just seems like the perfect fit. Hopefully the top will fit me just as perfectly.

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