Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Swapping Fun

My intention with my previous post was to actually show some examples of other crafters' swaps, but I wasn't having much luck last night finding what I wanted. However, today--by complete accident--I came across exactly what I wanted to show you. Below are some pics of A Feathered Nest Apron Swap. It looks like each person who participates is receiving one apron from someone within the swapping group. In turn they send an apron to someone else in the group. (I think?) The aprons people made are adorable, and if I could, I'd like to find a way to wear aprons all the time. Check out Flickr photos of all the swap aprons here. I think my favorite is the fourth apron below (the yellow and turquoise one with white and orange flowers). What's your fave?

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