Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Attempt to Further Explain the Craft Challenge

So I've been asked a few questions about the Craft Challenge and wanted to explain. But why do I say "attempt"? Well, when I was first put up to the Craft Challenge, let's just say my brain was on break. I think Shelley and Jessica spent a good 30 minutes answering all of my "but I don't get it" questions. In my defense, I was EXTREMELY gnawing-my-arm hungry. It was also the first day back from a four-day break. But I digress.

huh Word Pendant Stained Glass

Q: Is there a winner?
A: No. This isn't a "challenge" in the true sense of the word where someone wins or loses. This is more like an assignment for inspiration. In this article that Shelley first sent, "amateur and professional crafters alike are sharing their talents with one another via specific swap 'assignments.'" These assigments are taking place on blogs and Web sites such as Swap-bot.

Q: Why an assignment?
A: Well, let's face it. Sometimes you just want to craft or create, but aren't quite sure what to make. A craft assignment helps get your creative juices flowing by eliminating the vastness of choices. In our challenge, we're focusing on "neighborhood" in any medium.

Q: What will you do with the crafts?
A: Each of us are making two crafts so that we can swap with each other. So when it's all done, I'll have a craft from Shelley and a craft from Jessica. And life will be craft-astic!

Q: Can I get in on the challenge?
A: Because this is the first one, and we have no clue what we're doing, this one is exclusive to just Shelley, Jess, and me. However, future craft challenges may be a Web event that anyone can participate in.

Q: What are you making?
A: I can't tell you that...yet. And yes, that's partly because I don't know. But it's also because I want to wait for the big reveal when the ideas I do have all come together.

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Anonymous said...

This is all quite mysterious. I'm all abuzz about what is about to unfold....

Carrie said...

Mwahaha...that was my evil laugh. =)

Anonymous said...

So no one can win immunity for future challenges? Well, I'm glad that no one gets voted off Craft Island at the end, at least.

Carrie said...

LOL...with the way my brain is going, immunity might be a good idea! But instead of getting voted off of Craft Island, the loser would get subjected to a sprinkling of glitter (for me, that's the worst form of torture!).